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“Natural Edge is the best tasting meal replacement shake I have ever tried.  The flavor goes above and beyond all others! 

I use the Fat Burner so that is just an added plus.  The powder mixes so smoothly and tastes amazing with Vanilla Silk.  I have also mixed with water, and although it itsn't as creamy, it is still delicious. 

I plan to continue using NE to get to my desired weight.”   

Judy S.;

“I have been practicing nutrition for the past 15 years always searching for the perfect protein powder that would enhance weight loss.  I’ve found the fat burn formula to be a complete protein source with weight/fat loss enhancement.  I’ve used this product successfully with patients who are over weight and obese with confidence and great results.  I will continue to recommend this product to those who are dedicated to achieving and restoring normal body composition.”   

Dr. Richard Picard; Holistic Chiropractor/Nutritional Consultant; Cranston, RI 

May I take a moment to express my appreciation and gratitude for this product.

My mother celebrated her 103rd birthday in December of last year. I have tried countless products to add to her diet that she would accept. This was a Godsend because she really likes it. I find it so easy to prepare for her. It mixes so quickly and has a wonderful creamy taste with nice consistency.

She says she will live to be 107, so stay in business for at least four years!

Ella Mae C., Oklahoma

We have been in and out of the hospital with my little guy. Alex asked if I would go to the Dietician at Primary Children's Medical Center and get more information on protein intake for kids. He is correct in stating that most healthy children until the age of 7-8 need at least 12 grams of protein each day. The dietician, Sheryl Brown at Primary Children's stated that is true for normal healthy children. But, in my sons case where he has Hypertonia and a fast metabolism, she suggests 3 grams of protein for each kilo in weight the child is. My son is 11 1/2 kilos so he needs at least 20 -30 grams per day. We are staying at 20 grams. Reason being is children like him burn everything that is put into their bodies so fast that it really doesn't have time to sit around and build a whole lot. My sons muscles and body is burning 24 hours a day. Even while he is sleeping his muscles don't rest like ours do. Thank you for your wonderful concern. I am glad to hear that your company is well informed about how protein works in the body and how much a child and an adult should have. If shows me that you are a company that pays attention to the important details in things. Thank you.

Also, I would like to tell you that your product is very clean and does not contain a lot of fillers. It tastes really good! When I was pregnant with my last child I had to take extra protein. Yours was the only one I could drink even during my morning sickness. Thank you for making such a superior product.

Thank you for working with me and my family.

S.Campbell, Utah

I have seen some extraordinary results from this product (Natural Edge; fat burner, meal replacement). I was taking a product a couple years ago which had a small amount of ephedra in it. When the FDA banned all products with this ingredient I started gaining weight again. I gained fifteen (15) pounds and could not get them off no matter what I did. That doesn't sound like a lot of weight, but it was enough to put me in another size clothing. When I got ready to get out my summer clothes for a vacation, I was devastated!! Nothing FIT!!

A friend of mine called me from California to tell me she and her daughter had found this miraculous meal replacement, told me about it and I immediately went to the vitamin cottage and purchased the product. Believe it or not ---in less than a week I was down a size. I am now on my second container of this product and am feeling wonderful, have a lot of energy and feel completely satisfied, and still loosing weight. And I too have spread the word to several other gals fighting the battle of the bulge! Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Please keep me informed as to other products you will be selling.

M.Sandberg, Colorado

I work in a nutrition store and have been noticing Natural Edge fly off the shelves. I didn't know if you were aware that in the area I work Personal Trainers are recommending Natural Edge to go along with their workout schedules. Several people have been in to our store excited to report the success they are having with your product. I wanted to write you and let you know some of the comments they are making.

Many love the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colors and that it mixes smoothly and easily with juice or water, no clumps!. Many customers comment on how great Natural Edge tastes and they love that it also has enzymes to help the protein be easily digested. Some customers have complained about other protein supplements causing tummy problems of gas or other digestive complaints and when they tried Natural Edge they were happy to report that there were no problems and loved the difference your product has made in their routine. Also having the CLA and other fat burners included was a great idea, I hear these comments and more each time a customer buys Natural Ege. I just thought your company would like to know how much our customers are enjoying your product, keep up the great work! You have helped alot of people reach their weight loss goals!

T.Roberts, Utah

My name is Kim Bell and I have been training with weights for four years. I have been competing in women's figure bodybuilding contests now for 2 years. I placed first in the Oregon Iron man women's figure class over 35, in 2003. I also placed first in the Northern Colorado NPC women's figure class over 30 in 2004. I recently competed in the Emerald Cup held in Seattle , WA and placed fourth in the women's over 35.

One of the biggest concerns for many bodybuilders is getting a good nights rest. One of the challenges that we face is awakening 3-4 hours after falling asleep. This is usually caused by the burning sensation in our starving stomach. It is extremely hard to fall back asleep once you are awake. Most bodybuilders do not want to have too many calories in the middle of the night. This is where the Natural Edge Protein got me through. While I was dieting, I too, would wake up in the middle of the night and found it extremely hard to fall back asleep. I tried the Natural Edge Protein, just a half of the scoop. It only has 60 calories, and tastes great. I was able to fall back asleep in no time. I have to tell you I could have chosen any protein but in the middle of the night who wants to fuss with getting the blender or shaker out. With the Natural Edge Protein all I had to do was mix it right in my glass with water. No chunks. It also thickens up and makes you feel full and satisfied without delivering too many calories.

I will continue using the Natural Edge Protein during my dieting and training. It is very low in sodium and only uses natural ingredients. It is a great product!

Kim Bell

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